An exchange uses a non-formal learning approach to skills development for groups of young people aged 13-25 years and their youth workers/leaders. It includes the possibility of an Advance Planning Visit which allows youth workers/ leaders to visit the partner group where the exchange will take place.

Duration of Programme:    Minimum 5 - maximum 21 programme days (exc. travel)
Group size:                      Minimum 6 - maximum 30 young people per group
Advance Planning Visit:     Can include 2 leaders for up to 2 days

Single Application : the HOST partner applies for hosting and sending costs

Sending Organisation Grants
Up to €640/£450 for preparation activities & 70% of actual travel costs
Advance Planning Visit: 100% travel costs plus €70/£50 per adult per day

Hosting Organisation Grants
Up to €640/£450 for preparation activities
Up to €640/£450 for activity costs
Per diem allowance of €30/£21 per person/per programme day (leaders & young people)