Causeway is a British-Irish exchange programme that aims to strengthen and improve relationships between young people, and those that who work with them, on the islands of Britain and Ireland. Countries eligible to take part in the Causeway Programme: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

Causeway projects bring together two or more of the eligible partner countries, promote team working and joint activities, provide a valuable avenue for young people to explore their perceptions of identity and invariably deal with issues of tolerance and diversity.

Causeway offers a diverse range of opportunities and activities to young people and their workers, from youth exchanges and preparatory visits to contact making opportunities, training seminars, conferences, job shadowing and many other support activities.

Given the proximity of programme countries and the relatively short distances to travel in order to come together, and the fact that there are no language barriers, as is often the case for other types of European youth exchange activities, strong relationships can be built up over a short period of time.

Under Causeway young people can become involved in:  Youth Exchanges     Contact Exchanges     Special Projects